Michael Mortorano - 2007 Award Winner

Michael James Mortorano recieves the Grand Award for 2007 for Common Carrier for division of General Commodites and motor carrier safety. Michael Mortorano is the President of Mortorano Enterprises and KMA (Kessler and Mortorano Associates, Ltd) and a proud member of the International Warehouse Logistics Association, New Jersey Honor Legion, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and Warehousing Education and Research Council.

Michael Mortorano provided an excellent speech at this years awards about his current projects in revolutionizing the trucking industry.

2008 Trucking Awards in Scottsdale AZ

2008's Trucking Awards will be held at the JW Marriot in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael Mortorano and James Fisk will be the lead speakers of this years awards. More informations will be provided very soon.